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As part of the Scottish Training Foundation, Foundation Landscapes, offer a unique range of environmental projects and services that ensures the opportunity for our clients to gain real work experience by developing sustainable partnerships with a variety of community organisations.

The two most recent environmental projects which we have undertaken are:

Witchwood Pond Nature Reserve

witchwood3  witchwood1

The aim was to bring about a development of Witchwood pond nature reserve with provision of public access and recreation for local residents, with particular emphasis on benefiting the disabled.

The vision was to improve the environment where local people would feel valued, included and involved whilst building a tangible environmental legacy for the community. Whilst enhancing the natural environment and bio-diversity.

The overall vision was to validate and advocate the links between the practical environmental action, Health, Skills for life, social and economic regeneration, employment and citizenship.

Lockerbie Memorial Garden

carfin1 carfin2The creation of a Lockerbie Memorial Garden at Carfin Grotto. The overall vision of the project is to provide a focus for the people of Lanarkshire in memory of the Lockerbie tragedy. The garden provides an area of peace and quiet contemplation for all visitors and incorporates the views of those most affected by the tragedy in design. The plan and content of the garden was based on as varied input as possible. The project is high profile and promotes community links as well as a strong element of social inclusion through providing local unemployed groups with work experience and in some cases qualifications.

We are continually searching for challenging and exciting projects to demonstrate our commitment to the economic regeneration of Lanarkshire.

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